ABSOLUTE Coin Auction ~ Sunday, June 4 ~ 10:00 A.M.

Collectors Hall – 135 West Center St. – Cambridge, IL.

The Lavern Hanson Estate of Alpha, IL – Central Bank Illinois Executor, Robert Brummet Trust Officer, Geneseo, IL – Nash, Nash, Bean & Ford, LLP Legal Counsel for Estate, Attorney Robert Nash, Geneseo, IL will sell the following at the above place and time. There will be a large modern/antique auction in our large room going on at the same time. Plan to attend and bring your friends. Doors open at 7:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

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1783 Washington Portrait pc. w/button; 1787 Post. Colonial half cent; 1846o Seated Liberty Silver dollar; 1883cc Morgan Dollar UNC; 1904 Exposition DURUSS lg. silver medallion; 1975 Proof & UNC Republic of Panama 100 Balboas gold coins (sell at 1:00 p.m.); Approx. (90+) 1 oz. Silver Bars; Key Date coins include: 1867, 68, 69, 75 Indian Head cents; 1909s VDB, 1909s, 1910s, 1911s, 1912s & D, 1913s, 1914s & D, 1915s, 1922 & 22D, 1924D, 1931s Lincoln Wheat cents; 1898o Barber dime; 1921 Mercury dimes; 1949s Rosy dimes; 1921s, 1938D Walking Lib. halves; 1955 Franklin half; 1892s, 93s, 95s & D, 1902s & 1903 Morgan Silver dollars; Approx. 133 Morgan Silver dollars; Approx. 57 Peace Silver dollars; Seated Lib. & Barber halves; Approx. 245 Walk. Lib. halves; Approx. 254 Franklin halves; Approx. (191) 1964 Kennedy halves; Approx. 316 40% Kennedy halves; Seated Lib., Barber & Stand. Lib. quarters; Approx. 2211 all silver Wash. quarters; Seated Lib. & approx. 95 Barber dimes; Approx. 1427 Mercury dimes; Approx. 3178 all silver Rosy dimes; Liberty head & Shield nickels; Approx. 224 Buffalo nickels; Approx. 250 Jeff. War nickels; Approx. 960 Jeff. Nickels; Approx. 180 Indian head cents; Flying Eagle cents; Approx. 12,823 Lincoln Wheat cents; Approx. (596) 1943 Steel Cents; 2 cent & 3 cent coins; Half dimes; Misc. paper money; U.S. Twentieth Cent. Type coin set; Selection of 1957 thru 1964 coin sets; Misc. Proof & Mint sets; (6) 1971 thru 1975 Republic of Panama 20 Balboas Proof coin sets & 5 Proof sets; Selection of Canadian coins; Misc. Foreign coins; Misc. Souv. pcs.; Coin supplies & other related items; Visit our website at www.stenzelauction.com for a 322 lot listing.

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