GREAT COIN AUCTION ~ Sunday, April 15 (NOTE DATE) ~ 10:00 A.M.

Collectors Hall – 135 West Center St. – Cambridge, IL.

Le Claire, Iowa collector has decided to sell his coin collection at the above place and time.

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This will be one of the great condition coin sales on the auction block; Approx. 50 Morgan Silver Dollars including: UNC 1878cc, MS 65 1883cc, UNC. 1884cc, BU 1885cc, UNC 1891cc, VF 1892s, BU 1903o, 1904s, UNC 1891s plus other high quality Morgan Dollars; Approx. 20 Peace Silver Dollars with AU 1921 & other high grade Peace dollars; High grade Key Date coins featuring: UNC 1832 Half Cent, UNC 1909s VDB Cent, AU 1909s Cent, UNC 1911s, UNC 1912s, UNC 1914s, EF 1914D, Many 1922D, 1922, AU 1924D, BU 1931s all Key Date Wheat Cents; Many high grade Lincoln Wheat Cents in books, etc.; UNC 1853 Half Dime; BU 1918 ILL. Comm. Half; UNC 1946 Iowa Comm. Half; UNC 1917 Ty I Standing Liberty Quarter; 1932D Washing Quarter Key Date; UNC 1955 Double Die Lincoln Cent; UNC Rolls of Cents & Nickels; UNC 1948 to 1963 Franklin Halves; UNC Rolls of Washington Quarters; Misc. paper money; 1896 823gr. of fine silver medallions; $10 & $20 Confederate States Bills; Misc. error coins; Selection of good old Foreign money; Approx. 150 .84 Pure .999 Silver Statehood, Presidential Art, Declaration Signers Art Medallions in books; Several Proof Coin sets; Plus many other collectible coins, etc.; Visit our website for a larger listing at 

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