COIN AUCTION ~ Sunday, April 29 ~ 10:00 A.M.

Collectors Hall – 135 West Center St. – Cambridge, IL.

Shirley Reed, Clinton, Iowa will sell the following at above place and time

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1938 Texas Comm. Halves AU; 1935s Calif. Pacific Expo. Comm. Half AU plus other Comm. Halves; 1921 & 1934 Peace Silver Dollars plus other Peace & Morgan Silver Dollars; 1909s, 1914D, 1922D, 1924D, 1931s Lincoln Cents Key Dates; 1912s Liberty Head Nickel Key Date; 1921 Mercury Dime Key Date; Large Cents; Many Indian Head Cents; Half Cents; Large selection of Wheat Cents; Many Liberty Head, Buffalo & Jefferson Nickels; Flying Eagle Cents; Lots of Silver Bulk Coins; Proof Coins; Many 1oz. Silver pcs.; Ike Dollars; Paper money; Kennedy plus other Halves; Plus much more.

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